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Our oral health, as well as our smiles, are closely connected to our overall health and quality of life. What happens in the mouth affects the body, and vice versa, and both affect our self-esteem and enjoyment of living.

At Healthy Smile Dental Care, our name reflects our passion: both oral health and attractive smiles are important. If you want your family to have beautifully healthy smiles, filled with confidence and happiness, we’d love to help!

Dr. Kim and our team members are experienced professionals. We’re also friendly, warm, and enjoy getting to know patients on a personal level. You are important to us: we will always listen to you, respect who you are and what you need, and provide ethical, compassionate dental care.


For us, dentistry is more than fixing teeth and improving smiles: it’s about caring for you as a person and building a real connection with you.

  • Communication: starting with your complimentary consultation, we’ll work hard to establish clear communication with you. We want to make sure you’re fully informed about your oral health concerns and all treatment options. Just as important, we need to know what you’re seeking, all about your dental goals, and any special considerations you have. We will always listen without judgment and work with you to find answers.
  • Comfort: we know that not everyone looks forward to dental visits. If that’s you, we’d like to show you that a visit to Healthy Smiles Dental Care is nothing to worry about! Dr. Kim is patient, kind, and extremely gentle. If you’re nervous, please let us know. We’ll proceed at the pace you set.
  • Patient education: the person best situated to keep your smile clean, bright, and healthy is you! We offer lots of age- and situation-appropriate education, recommend the right products for your clinical needs, and talk about nutrition, too. We’ll support and encourage you as you take control of your smile’s health!
  • Professional education: Dr. Kim and our clinical team are just as committed to our own education. We regularly take advanced dental courses, staying current on new research, treatments, and technology. By carefully evaluating all choices, we’re able to incorporate the best into the practice.


Please contact our Windsor Locks, CT family and cosmetic dental office to learn more and schedule a visit for yourself or a loved one. We welcome patients of all ages, serve Enfield, East Windsor, and nearby communities, and are excited to serve you!

At Healthy Smiles Dental Care, we’ll help you achieve optimal oral health and the functional, beautiful smile of your dreams. Please, call today!

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