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You probably know that there are several things you should do if you’re interested in keeping your teeth healthy and strong. For example, you probably know that you should brush and floss your teeth every day. You may also know that you should visit our dentist twice a year. However, do you know what you would do if you’re dealing with dental anxiety?

Naturally, our team could recommend different types of sedation. As you’ve probably heard, some types of sedation are stronger than others. If you’re worried about visiting the dentist, please contact us. We’ll be happy to discuss your options with you and help you decide on the sedation that works best for you.

Furthermore, please remember that most treatments can be done painlessly. This is partially because of sedation options. However, the tools dentists have available have also improved recently. In fact, dental tools are typically minimally invasive, quiet, and small. However, if you’re worried about scheduling an appointment with us, we recommend contacting us with any of your concerns.

To learn more about the care you can receive from us, we invite you to give Healthy Smiles Dental Care PC a call at 860-623-2601. Our dentist, Dr. Chris Kim, and our team in our office in Windsor Locks, Connecticut will be happy to address any concerns you might have. We’re eager to hear from you.