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Oral hygiene is very important in maintaining a strong, healthy, and beautiful smile, and one of the most vital tasks in your oral hygiene routine is flossing. But why is flossing so important? Well, flossing is important because it can:

Remove plaque: Plaque is a dangerous substance that can destroy your smile if you let it. It is a white, sticky film that clings to your teeth and promotes tooth decay and gum disease. Unfortunately, plaque likes to live between your teeth and brushing alone doesn’t quite remove all of it. This is when flossing comes in handy. When you floss, the strand will remove the plaque that is attacking the crevices of your smile.

Promote good breath: There are times when odorous food particles can get stuck in the crevices of your smile. When this happens, the food particles release a stench that can cause bad breath. This is when flossing can be beneficial. When you floss, the odorous food particles can be removed, which can give you a fresher and more pristine breath.

Provide a clean smile: No one likes the embarrassing moments when they realize they have food stuck in their smile, right? Right. This is why flossing can be so beneficial. If you floss after each meal and snack, you can avoid those embarrassing moments and you can have a clean and attractive smile.

If you floss at least once a day, you’ll be on the right track toward removing plaque from your smile, having a fresh breath, and maintaining a clean and beautiful smile. For more information, tips, and details about flossing in Windsor Locks, Connecticut, please remember that you can always call 860-623-2601 and talk to Dr. Chris Kim or a member of our dental team. We look forward to helping you!