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Cavity prevention is a very important part of maintaining a healthy mouth. This is especially important for children and teens who are just mastering the art of an effective daily oral hygiene routine. In fact, the biting surfaces of many molars and premolars can be riddled with deeply textured areas in the tooth enamel. If these hard-to-reach places aren’t cleaned daily, it could encourage large cavities to develop on your child’s back teeth.

To prevent this from happening, Dr. Chris Kim will often recommend applying dental sealants to permanent molars and premolars.

These are basically clear shells that are made from a dental-grade resin material that your dentist carefully applies to the biting surfaces of your child’s back teeth. This forms an invisible barrier, preventing the natural bacteria living in their mouth from having direct contact with the healthy tooth enamel.

Your dentist often recommends applying the sealants right after your child’s regular dental checkup. This ensures that the enamel on the biting surfaces is completely clean.

With the dental-grade resin applied, your dentist will use a special ultraviolet light to cure and harden the dental sealants onto the biting surfaces of the teeth.

It’s important to remind your son or daughter that the dental sealants only protect the textured biting surfaces of the back teeth. They will still need to brush and floss regularly to maintain the rest of the teeth and prevent gum disease. The sealants are durable and can withstand regular wear and tear for many years.

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