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The best thing you can do for oral cancer is to regularly have checkups with oral cancer screenings. Detecting oral cancer is often the key to recovery so make sure you always attend regularly scheduled oral cancer screenings as needed. Always keep track of any changes to your oral health and be mindful of the oral cancer warning signs.

If you ever have the sensation that something caught in the back of your throat and it frequently occurs, it may be a sign of oral cancer. Similarly, if you have trouble speaking, chewing, swallowing, or eating foods, then oral cancer may be the cause. Furthermore, if your mouth fails to open and close easily due to changes in the alignment of your teeth, speak with your dentist about scheduling an oral cancer screening.

Numerous oral cancer symptoms include irregularities in your mouth. Take heed of any lumps, bumps, crusts, unusual swelling, rough patches, or eroded areas in your mouth, as these may be indications of oral cancer. Other symptoms include white, red, and speckled patches in your mouth, as well as bleeding and sores that do not quickly heal or persist for many weeks.

Not all symptoms of oral cancer arise in your mouth. Symptoms can be present in your facial area as well, including ear pain, numbness and loss of feeling in your mouth around your neck, face, and mouth, and dramatic and unexplained weight loss.

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